Our honey is collected from hives in the Musquodoboit and Stewiacke Valleys of Nova Scotia, hives in Greenfield just a few kilometers from Truro and hives in the Annapolis Valley near Clementsport.

Our honey is not filtered or pasteurized. After extraction from the honeycomb, the honey sits undisturbed in large, food-safe pails so impurities may naturally separate from the honey. These impurities are skimmed off after 24 hours and the honey is then warmed for bottling.

Since our honey is not filtered, it still contains pollen from the local flowers that the honeybees visit. This pollen will enhance the flavour of your honey. However, it will sometimes cause the honey to form crystals sooner than filtered and pasteurized honey. Your honey is not spoiling when these small white crystals appear in the bottles of honey.

If your honey begins to crystallize, simply place the bottle in a pot of warm water on the stove for 30-40 minutes. You should not let the water boil since the extra heat may reduce the flavour. Your honey will remain liquid for a period of time after warming.

Do not store your honey in the fridge. Cooling will cause your honey to crystallize sooner. Honey can remain at room temperature for years without spoiling.

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